a mess free craft activity??!!

When my daughter said that she wanted to have her 7th birthday party at home, I have to admit the thought of it freaked me out a little bit. OK a lot!!

So I needed to come up with a plan of attack. Party games, check! Disco, check! Food, check! Non messy craft activity, WAIT, WHAT?? Is there such a thing??? I thought a craft activity would be a good activity to do right after the kids have eaten, so that they can kind of sit and have ‘quiet time’  rather than going crazy with a stomach full of party food. But what activity could I do that wasn’t going to create a mess that would freak out my husband? Plus it had to be something that both boys and girls could relate to.

Monster making is the answer!

I cut out a basic monster shape from felt, blanket stitched it together and stuffed it. I made a different colour for each child, so no one had the same.


I popped the monsters into a bag and each child had to reach in lucky dip style to see which colour monster they got. This avoided the “I want red, I want green” situation.

These monsters needed some features, so I used the sticky backed felt and cut out basic shapes for eyes, spots, teeth, mouths and moustaches (every cool monster needs a moustache!). To save time and fingers I used my Klik n Kut Maxx to cut out the felt shapes. The shapes were placed on the floor in small containers which the children sat around and started decorating. It was easy for them as all they had to do was peel off the paper on the back of the sticky felt and stick them onto their monsters.

monsters3Now as for mess, OK it’s not 100% mess free but it was super quick and easy to clean up. All we had to do was sweep up the backings from the felt pieces. Done! No glue stuck in places I don’t want glue, no paint painted where I don’t want paint, so I consider this stress and mess free!

The kids loved this activity. They decorated both sides of their monsters and because of the simple shape I used, they could decide which way was up for their monster. Here’s a few of their creations . . .

monsters2The kids had fun playing with them at the party but also loved the fact that they got to take them home with them.

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